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20 мар.

If you are planning to send flowers to Bulgaria and bring joy to a beloved person, you have probably found out that there are dozens of internet shops, which provide this service. Each one has attractive and comprehensive offers, each guarantees 100% satisfaction… which one should we choose?

Take your time and consider the following:

1.      Is the internet shop local or is it a major website with delivery all over Europe?
It is important to know that there is practically no difference if you will order from a website, which delivers flowers all over Europe (or the world), or you will place an order on a local website… except that you will pay more… The major websites will contact either way the local florists to fulfill your order. Maybe a better choice for flowers delivery to Bulgaria is to contact the local florists.

2.      What is the first impression that the page gives you?
The first impression is always the rightest one. If you feel you can trust that e-store, than probably you really can.

3.      Contact the costumer support.
See for yourself if your order can be delivered on time and exactly as you wish it. A good e-shop always keeps its costumers close, allowing them to ask questions before order and keeping them informed during the delivery process. Some e-shops, which provide flowers delivery for Bulgaria service have even integrated live chat to their webpages.

4.      Consider the prices and the delivery terms.
The price is not always the key factor, especially when we aim to make somebody we love happy. Yet, many times the same services are offered on different prices and that we are paying more doesn’t mean that we will get better service.

5.      Check if there is a quality guarantee for the product you are buying.
This is what really can ensure you about the quality of a e-shop’s service. If the store has return policy for unsatisfied costumers, then you know that those people are doing their best to make you happy.

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